Prayer for a miracle

It seems that prayer for a miracle is a denial of the true meaning of prayer, because we usually pray for what matters – for salvation, for health, for love, for getting out of trouble, and for smaller goals like food, money, a roof over the head. The miracle at the same time seems like an unworthy candle, as the miracle itself is never an end in itself. A miracle is always a means, and depending on what it will be targeted, it can be good or bad – useful or vain – saving or pernicious. So why should we ask for something that in itself has no value?

However, we are still talking about a different sense of the miracle. A miracle is also everything that exceeds your own imagination.

In this case, we are dealing with a miracle of everyday life or a miracle of an unexpected good. We are talking a miracle on the various manifestations of extraordinary in our everyday life. Here the recognition of miraculousness depends on one's own perception of reality. For one person, a miracle may be that every morning wakes up in the morning and has a desire to live. For another person such waking up and willingness will be something irrelevant – just the ordinary prose of life. For one person, it will be a miracle to meet another person and hear greetings from her. In turn, the other person passes indifferently – he does not see, does not see, does not feel – words and attitudes do not matter to her. Here, the experience of miraculousness is also dependent on one's own expectations. We experience miracles all the more, the less we expect anything. Therefore, a person who is not expecting anything, experiences a miracle at every step and all her life is a miracle – experiencing unexpected floods of good.

So we can speak a miracle of some extraordinaryness in ordinariness, but this extraordinariness is dependent on the perception. We are not talking about a theological definition of the supernatural and the significance of the miracle in spirituality, but about the miracle in everyday life. We refer to what is happening. So if we see a miracle as extraordinary depending on the way we perceive, then there is also a miracle depending on the perceiver. Understanding this is also important in bringing prayers for a miracle.

In such prayers, the miracle is not an end in itself. Understand that it is only a means and means that we intend to use in achieving good. We never pray for unnecessary things or for multiplying our own benefits, but for real good, i.e. such a good in which we personally benefit and in which we also benefit others. We do not look in this extraordinary way to amaze, although the miracle of amazement can also be justified, if the astonishment is to move the viewer and change his heart to goodness. We are asking for extraordinary, but not for seeing the extraordinary, and for the benefit of ordinariness.

The basic miracles we can ask for are a miracle of changing the heart for someone with a bad attitude towards life; a miracle of love for someone who lacks it – e.g. for a single person or for a cold person who hates the world and people; a miracle of healing for a sick person; a miracle of endurance in suffering for someone who is struggling with something; the miracle of completing work for a working person; a miracle of joy for a sad person; a miracle of abundance for the poor person and miracles of all virtues for all who lack something.

There are also surprising miracles – signs of supernatural power. They should not be the subject of special requests and prayers, because such a development of power is always a descending from high and is not received without a proper disposition to perform a miracle. One can pray for the development of love, so that it becomes ready to receive such a gift, but it is not appropriate to pray for what we are unable to properly use.

Proper prayer for a miracle is a prayer that transcends imagination – expect an unexpected – open the door to extraordinariness – open yourself to what we can not personally grasp. Such a prayer does not require hope but only a little bit of hope. Such prayer can be developed even in hopelessness, when there are no possibilities. Therefore, this kind of prayer should be especially remembered and used by people in a difficult position.

When you lose hope, do not want to live, you can not see the way out, you can resurrect this little spark that a miracle will happen if we ask for it. We personally can not see the possibilities, but just a little bit of faith that there is someone who can see more – a power above us that can remedy our difficulties to lead us out of them. Who this Something or Something is depends on the perceiver, the experiencer – it does not matter much in the prayer itself. For some, it will be God and Love, and for others, Friend and Reason, for others it may be something else. The thing is to see some unimaginable opportunity to change the existing situation. Accepting the possibility of a miracle is the first prayer for a miracle and the beginning of a change.

Recognize the extraordinary in ordinariness
and let us fill ourselves with the hope of opportunity
manifestation of extraordinary
in our humble everyday life.





Prayer for a miracle

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