Prayers, what are they?
Facing a difficult case, a life drama, a great need to look for a foothold, help which can not give us a second man. Here we are in front of something that nobody, even the nearest and loving person, is able to make us easier.


At such times, it remains the support of something bigger, stronger, something about limitless possibilities and an unmeasured love. We turn to higher forces for help.

Will our prayer be heard?
Yes, if we have enough faith in ourselves and if it is sincere.
Praying, asking the top to intervene, let us be true. It is not about to rattle a formula, wypaplać the standard text. Prayer

Finally, when you ask the best friend for help, it is not paplasz any blab, and you speak openly what is wrong and what you expect from him. A real friend does not expect you to fall in front of him on his knees.
Those who watch over us also do not want you to upokarzał, he complained that something, for something… Do not promise anything to them, if you do not know whether you keep the promise, do not ask for anything that you would not be sure that you will and tomorrow wished.

You just have to face the truth about yourself and let them look in yourself. You are weak-no harm. Tell them about it, say that you are sad for this reason. They do not judge, they only accept.

The more sincere you are, the more understanding you will get.
This also applies To intention. If you ask for something that is good, but only for you, it is known-this prayer is not pure Intencjonalnie. He has a rather poor chance of being heard.

Send up your love and gratitude, and in return you will receive the same thing only in a much larger dimension. The more good emotions, the more noble thoughts, the more you love in advance.

What if the prayers are heard?
Thank. This is always a nice emotion. Sincere gratitude is beautiful and informative. The mountain I appreciate is pleased.

Pray only if you feel that this is the time and this place.
If you have no peace around, your thoughts are chaotic and indefinite, then in such a state of request are not understandable and for those at the top. Chaos in the Okół, it powers the chaos in you, in your emotions. Calling for higher forces


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