Life in the world is a chore
it happened from the unconscious
consciousness will end
this way is shown by the saint,

They are suffering souls
and happy saint
the reason for sadness is unreasonability
and the reason for joy is understanding
so that we can get to happiness
a way of understanding is being sought

protection on the road
gives you a saint
and the community of the righteous

Saint is in verbal form
and in pictorial form

the word is given by the announcement
and by getting to know

community of righteous people
they are good-doing people
in loneliness
or in the community

the form of the word is an eternal saint

and the image is a visible and fulfilled saint
these two saint figures are inseparable

the word announced is the truth seen and the truth heard
the word learned is the truth understood

righteous people who care about cleanliness live in loneliness
and do good, beware of the ten wickednesses
killing (receiving life)
theft (taking a hit)
the curse
plotting (craving for other people’s riches)
a perverse look

the righteous favors others and is healthy
they live in the community
and they do good using ten exits
Justice (rule of law)
power (bravery)
pity (reason)
prayer (kindness)

these saviors see the saint
in three forms
in the form of a word
form of fulfillment
and the embodiment of the incarnation

a form of fulfillment
and the embodiment of the incarnation
they are an image form

a form of fulfillment
it is a gracious saint
visible to the cleansed

figure of the incarnation
he is an active saint
perfect in austerity
visible to everyone
coming for immodest

these three characters
they are also inseparable
they present themselves in a trio
but in fact they are one saint

when it comes to understanding
one gets to know the vanity of all words
a thirst arises from this state
the salvation of all souls

reason of vain joy
appears in the form of gods
they are messengers of the eternal saint
embodied in his character, speech, spirit,
virtues and tasks

depending on believers
they run different ways
for one purpose – to a saint

outside worshipers worship God as a master
internal as a friend
hidden as myself
shaping and fulfilling God’s form in oneself

closely united with God
they leave the saved in the body of illusion
similar to God
not leaving behind
no earthly remains

and in great fulfillment or overflow
there is no split or unity
everything without beginning and without end
it lasts in the only dot
effortlessly and spontaneously
sunk in a nondescript state
looks at everything around
just like the illusion
he hears sounds
sees the light
and feel the rays
but he remains unmoved
in a non-existent state
he loosely misses his own image
and he does not understand anything
unmoved in constant motion
his body becomes like a rainbow
or a blinding white glow
he leaves nothing behind
he spreads salvation
through your rays

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